Calvan Fowler, the creative force behind Daydream Filmworks. He gets his unique visual sensibility and ideas for wild creative imagery from actually daydreaming. Also, watching countless hours of  "classic" TV & movies as a child is a major factor as well.

Calvan started out his career in film with Spike Lee’s 40 Acres & a Mule production company. Starting a s an intern, he slowly climbed the ranks to become Spikes' personal assistant. As assistant, he was able to work on numerous movies, music videos & commercials in various capacities, most notably, on a Michael Jackson  music video. An absolute dream come true.

Since starting his own company 6 years ago, Calvan has written, shot, produced and edited over 20 music videos for well known artists, as well as numerous fashion spots and short films / industrials, with a distinct signature look and style.

With Daydream Filmworks, Calvan has been able to use past production experiences to build a diverse body of work that receives accolades from clients and viewers alike.

All Daydream projects, from the small to the bigger budget pieces, are made with the same  passion, magic & love.